Epoxy flooring systems are designed for consumers who want economical, quality and long life in flooring systems. In the production of these coating systems special resin and hardener chemicals are available. These hardeners make the epoxy floor very durable. With epoxy floor coating systems you will win. These systems have a smooth structure. For this reason, it can be cleaned quite easily. Antibacterial properties prevent microbes from being transported on the surface. In areas where people are heavily used, epoxy flooring systems are highly preferred. Due to the high load traffic in these areas, the floor is very durable thanks to the epoxy floor.

These systems are acquainted with Turkey about 15 years ago. This has been welcomed quite positively by the construction industry with the development of technology. Epoxy systems are able to pay for themselves during this time due to their long life. Thanks to the epoxy flooring, the company owners are beside companies in terms of economy. The higher the quality of the materials used in the floors, the more time they will spend in the future.

You can also see the difference between the epoxy floor coating systems and the other coating floors.